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    Some mincraft mods

    Some minecraft mods

    Change log!

    +Added 2 mods by ProfMobius (Which are the following)
    +Added "JABBA"
    +Added "Waila"
    +Added "OpenComputers"
    -Removed "MinecraftPvPCoordUI"

    *Updated "VoxelCam" description
    *Updated "ZoomMod" info: Now "Forge Required"

    +Added "More Swords Mod"

    *Updated "Forge" description

    +Added 5 mods by Domochevsky (Which are the following)
    +Added "Armor Smelter"
    +Added "Growth Tonic"
    +Added "Leafcutter"
    +Added "Potion Packs"
    +Added "QuiverBow"
    +Added "Amberoguia"
    +Added "OresPlus"

    +Added 2 mods by Kuuu (Which are the following)
    +Added "Magic Wand Mod"
    +Added "Nether Star Tools"
    +Added 2 mods by thebombzen (Which are the following)
    +Added "AutoSwitch"
    +Added "ThebombzenAPI"
    +Added "CUDA Shaders"
    +Added "Obsidian Boat"
    +Added "PeacefulSurface"
    +Added "Super Enchants"

    *Updated "Minecraft Capes" info: Now "Forge Compatible"

    +Added "BoosterMod"
    +Added "M-Ore Mod"

    +Added "Stuff Worth Throwing"

    +Added "Dynmap"

    +Added 2 mods by DrZhark (Which are the following)
    +Added "Custom Mob Spawner"
    +Added "Mo' Creatures"
    +Added "Deconstruction Table"
    +Added "Minecraft Expansion Pack"
    +Added "Multiworld"
    +Added "Village Taverns Updated"

    +Added 3 mods by Lunatrius (Which are the following)
    +Added "InGame Info XML"
    +Added "LunatriusCore"
    +Added "Stackie"

    +Added 5 mods by AtomicStryker (Which are the following)
    +Added "KenshiroMod"
    +Added "Magic Yarn"
    +Added "Minions"
    +Added "Pet Bat"
    +Added "Ruins"
    +Added "Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders"
    +Added "SuperCraftingFrame"

    +Added "Gammabright"
    +Added "VoxelMap"

    *Updated "Optifine" info: Now "Forge Compatible"
    *Updated "TooManyItems" info: Now "Forge Compatible"
    +Added 2 mods by spacechase0 (Which are the following)
    +Added "Connected Glass"
    +Added "SpaceCore"

    +Added 9 mods by bspkrs (Which are the following)
    +Added "ArmorStatusHUD"
    +Added "bspkrsCore"
    +Added "CrystalWing"
    +Added "DirectionHUD"
    +Added "FloatingRuins"
    +Added "StartingInventory"
    +Added "StatusEffectHUD"
    +Added "TreeCapitator"
    +Added "WorldStateCheckpoints"
    +Added "GLSL Shaders Mod"

    +Added 2 mods by soccerguy3 (Which are the following)
    +Added "No Fire Spread"
    +Added "No Ice Melt"

    +Added 3 mods by AtomicStryker (Which are the following)
    +Added "Multi Mine"
    +Added "Simply Hax"
    +Added "Stalker Creepers"

    +Added "Kwasti Bust Monsters"

    +Added "Extra Uses"
    +Added "Minecraft Capes"
    +Added "Note Block Display"
    +Added "Planter Helper"
    +Added "Sounds Cool"
    +Added "Valiant Villagers"
    +Added "XRay"

    +Added "DayZ"
    +Added "The Peacefulpack"

    +Added 4 mods by AtomicStryker (Which are the following)
    +Added "BattleTowers"
    +Added "Dynamic Lights"
    +Added "Finder Compass"
    +Added "Infernal Mobs"

    +Added 2 mods by Wuppy (Which are the following)
    +Added "Jelly Cubes"
    +Added "Koi"
    +Added "Presence Footsteps"

    +Added "FortuneOres"
    +Added "Glowstone Wire"

    *Updated "Endermen Don't Pick Up Blocks Mod" description
    *Updated "VoxelCam" info: Added source
    +Added 2 mods by SackCastellon (Which are the following)
    +Added "Craftable Horse Armor"
    +Added "SKC Core"
    +Added "BetterFonts"
    +Added "MumbleLink"
    +Added "World Downloader"
    +Added "Yet Another Food Mod"

    *Updated "Simple Recipes" info: Added source
    *Updated "Voxel Player Models" info: Added source
    +Added "Spy Mod"

    *Updated "Harder Peaceful" info: Now "Forge Required"
    +Added "Extractination"
    +Added "MinecraftPvPCoordUI"
    +Added "Podzol to Diamonds"
    +Added "Pointless Button Mod"
    +Added "Redstone Block Shining Mod"
    +Added "VoxelCam"
    +Added "Voxel Player Models"
    +Added "Water & Sun Proof Endermen Mod"
    +Added "Yet Another Leather Smelting Mod"

    +Added 2 mods by Mumfrey (Which are the following)
    +Added "Liteloader"
    +Added "WorldEditCUI"
    +Added 2 mods by TheMasterCaver (Which are the following)
    +Added "Cave Generation Mods"
    +Added "No Void Fog Mod"
    +Added 2 mods by wuppy21 (Which are the following)
    +Added "Harder Peaceful"
    +Added "Simple Recipes"
    +Added "Better Sprinting"
    +Added "Biomes O' Plenty"
    +Added "ChatLog"
    +Added "Damage Indicators"
    +Added "Ellian's MaterialDetector"
    +Added "Endermen Don't Pick Up Blocks Mod"
    +Added "Forge"
    +Added "More Nature"
    +Added "No Creeper Explosions"
    +Added "Optifine"
    +Added "TooManyItems"
    +Added "ZoomMod"
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