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  • Call of duty: Modern warfare remastered

    CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE REMASTERED IS AVAILABLE IN THE CALL OF DUTY: INFINITE WARFARE DIGITAL LEGACY AND DIGITAL DELUXE EDITIONS. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered comes with the campaign and 10 multiplayer maps from Call of DutyŽ 4: Modern Warfare. One of the...

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    eXp|| community Recruiting Announcement!

    eXp recruiting Junior members ! Over the past year we have realized that younger players are a big part of the cod4 and gaming community. However over the years at eXtremeProClan we have always applied a 16+ and 18+ recruiting age, we have sometimes let younger members in, but...

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    Missed this one?

    Did anyone go to this?

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    Koekeje? and Blackout as Board Members

    Dear Joe, I was wondering why Blackout and I aren't consired Board Members. This is a real shame. As eXp veterans we desereve the honor to serve among the gods of the eXtremeProGaming Clan and be treated as such. Failure to do so will result in immediate departure of me and my fellow Welshman, also known as sheeplover. You have 24 hours to comply to our wishes. I wish you good luck....

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    Yo from me in 2017!!

    Does anyone still bother with this website would be nice for people to come in TS and have a chat. (Apart from you Crash if you are still about i still think your a bellend anyone else are welcome)

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    eXtremeProClan is an online community based pc gaming clan with fans from all over the world. Why not join one of our secure servers and have some fun, connect to our TeamSpeak and have a laugh with us.

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